de Jong Transport

For years the Jong Transport has been the go to address for exceptional transport and transports that requires mounted cranes. We offer the right solution for anything that you might want to transport. Even on the shortest of terms. All the trucks of the Jong transport can be contacted and deployed twenty-four hours a day. This way we try to fulfill our company’s policy to minimalize calamities and still deliver an assignment on the same day as ordered. That flexibility and our ability to act fast are unique in our line of work.

Reliable, fast and flexible.

Versatile vehicle fleet offers the only right solution for every assignment.

Specialized in exceptional transport (pipes, construction equipment, compressors or construction materials)

The truck combinations are fully equipped for the largest transport.

Trucks are equipped with heavy truck cranes with maximum capacity.

The VLG approved trucks offer an extra guarantee for optimum safety.

Our drivers are in possession of 'Basic Safety in Transport and Logistics 1' and ADR safety diplomas.

All drivers are qualified car crane operators.

We know every factory in the Europoort-Botlek area.

At home in Antwerp, Vlissingen, Terneuzen and Velzen / IJmuiden.

Fixed transport rates give clarity in advance.

Specialized in bulk container transport.

Care of all accompanying documents.

Covered and open storage facilities for machines, factory parts, rental and construction equipment.

Administratively strong (manageable).

About de Jong Transport

All employees of the Jong Transport are experienced professionals who strife to meet your expectations. In short they are there to take care of everything, and first contact is made in an instant.