Boerman Transport

The name Boerman Transport stands for efficient and reliable transportation for a wide variety of cargo, moreover Boerman takes care of the entire logistical process. In the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe we specialize in big hauls. For example: the transportation of units, which are semi-permanent buildings, the transportation of scaffolding materials, building materials, entire constructs, trees, machinery or the transportation of dry bulk materials. We have a solution for all your transportation needs.

Our varied truck fleet makes every truck combination a possibility.

Equipped with the heaviest loader cranes (33 t/m 135 ton / meter).

Transporting dry bulk materials throughout Europe.

Clear calculation, strict planning.

Modern vehicle fleet according to the latest Euro standards.

Strong management on projects.

Set rates provide clarity upfront.

Trucks with long, low loading floors.

Hydraulic winch needed for the loading and unloading of rolling materials.

Strong administration (link back office client - Boerman Transport).

Environmental friendly transport, thanks to the right use of our resources.


Bovag certified garage (which is open to third parties).

Our own automatic truck wash and rinsing hall.

ISO/VCA * certified and GMP+ certified for the animal feed sector.

About Boerman Groep

Since 1936 is your product in safe hands with us. Would you also like to come into contact with us? We cordially invite you to contact us.